Made by people just like you

We're proud to be a UK based brand delivering premium scrubs to healthcare professionals across the NHS and private sectors.

At Willow Scrubs, we put quality and durabilty at the heart of our products. It's so important to us that we make sure that each time you wear a pair of our scrubs, you feel and look amazing.

Our Journey

Started by Doctors

One day our co-founder Dr Neel bumped into our other co-founder Dr Nathan, who was wearing a shirt and tie on his latest ward round. There was a little joke about how he looked super professional but where were his scrubs? They discussed how difficult it was to get new scrubs that weren't wore out and that fitted well. In that moment, Willow Scrubs was born.

Willow - Mens Scrub Top - Blue
WillowThread™ Mens Classic Scrub Top
Sale price£29.99
Willow - Womens Scrub Top - Blue
WillowThread™ Classic Womens Scrub Top
Sale price£29.99